Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest


It is said that Life is a song that tells stories about you and me through touching lyrics and emotional melodies. There is always a particular classic having that therapeutic effect in alleviating your stress from life or pain from a loss. What is that special number in your life journey?

The Birth of a Classic Song

People are touched and inspired by lyrics and musical notes brought to life by singing masters. A song that transcends the passage of time or becomes emblematic at a unique period of history is a classic. With the popularity of online platforms, more music lovers are keen on sharing their songs in cyberspace making possible a major comeback for some old classics like The Light Chaser and For the Rest of my Life.

At the same time, soundtracks from movies or TV shows are equally favored by a lot of singing contest participants. Delineating the pain of breakups in the present and past lives, the song Chilly from Ten Miles of Peach is relatable to fans who will immediately flash back to the television series every time the song is played. In addition, theme songs like Fleet of Time and A Little Happiness not only enhance the emotional context of the movie, but also take the audience back to the most memorable life experience. Such classic theme songs are embraced and treasured by all regardless of your age.

Art of Classic Song Expression

Esmi Shi, Winner of Unforgettable Classics Singing Contest 2018, was able to bring a new twist on old melodies. Esme picked Whether from a box office hit Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing from the 1980’s as her solo competing song. Born in 1986, this 1983 release was not a soundtrack she was familiar with. That said, Esme was still able to perform the song beautifully, delivering pools of memories and nostalgia. Esme has successfully crossed eras by giving this old classic a new spark.

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Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest

Are you a sentimental person susceptible to moving melodies? Do you think you have the capability of enlightening an old song with a fresh coat of paint or connecting the souls of different eras? Then you definitely have the potential to create a “classic song” as a way to cheer yourself on and as a remedy to heal the broken hearts of others. Talentvision is now hosting Unforgettable Golden Classics Singing Contest to recognize prominent individuals like you! If you are devoted to music and have a passion for performing, don’t miss this professional platform and chance to sing with a live band lead by renowned concert producer Richard Yuen. The competition is open to everyone in all ages and all nationalities. Contestants are allowed to compete as a solo artist or in a group. Winner of this singing contest will win one round trip plane ticket to Asia. Deadline to apply: April 11th by 5pm. For enquiries: promotionvan@talentvisiontv.com.